Recycling is a waste of time


I have always thought that recycling is  absolute nonsense.
In the UK you will find many pre WW2 inner city houses with a small front garden. On closer inspection you can see that they are wrought iron shafts comming out of the wall that have been cut off at the level of the wall. The shafts used to form a fence – a bit like the picture below, only the wall were generally a bit higher


What has this got to do with recycling?

The reason the fences were cut down was so they could be “re-cycled” to make planes and tanks in the second world war. Wrought Iron is entirely unsuitable for making tanks or airplanes. There is a location in scotland filled with these posts – all that happened is that they were stockpiled.
But it made everyone who chopped down their fences feel like they were helping though!
I don’t know how much stuff is really being recyled anyway its really the point even  if you take the view that the stuff that goes in the recycled bin is being recycled 100% when you recycle you only recycle the finnished product this only is a small fraction of the resource used to make a typical item. The site below explains what I mean

The story of Stuff

Ceremonial Planting of the Australian Bottlebrush

I am now a proud owner of an Australian passport. I was presented this along with a goodie bag and a native plant “Australian bottlebrush” in July.

Last week I set my plant free in near a creek so it flourish. I choose not to plant in my house garden but somewhere with more space where I can go to in times of reflection. So I choose to plant it near the Merri Creek in Melbourne. Below is the documentation of the ceremony