Aerobic Championship & Pumping Iron

I was motivated to write this after a friend showed me the video below. Have you ever watched a competitive aerobic competition? No well maybe you should. In tight lycra and big moustache those boys are having so much fun!

All this talk of dance reminds me of the post I wrote a long while about the Melbourne Shuffle (a melbourne dance move that involves a shiny floor and lots of talc) which is worth checking out.

Also did you know that Pumping Iron the video about Arnold Swarzennegger  competing in Mr Olympia (prior to any of his film work) was all on yourtube. It is really good – you don’t have to like gyms to like this. It is really interesting. I saw this movie at a music festival once and was riveted. Arnie is playing mind games with the competitors and he is sooo cocky,  a real smart arse and has some good one liners. It opens with him taking ballet lessons.

The Cathedral Ranges National Park & Fire

I have just got back from the cathedral ranges National Park. We bought a new canvas tent. The tent was good and easy to put up although the bag has ripped allready hmm.

From Catherdral Ranges 5/04/10 11:15 AM

Cathedral Ranges national Park last year 98% of it was burnt by the fire.

We were close to the town of Taggerty which had an exhibition and a sausage sizzle on the fire from the previous year which included small books written by the survivors. We went to the town of Alexandra (Which has a statue of Princess Alexandra of Denmark shipped from the UK).

We also went to Marysville – a town that was burnt down in one of the 400 fires that raged during the the Black Saturday bush fires. We both found it quite  sombre but also positive as the town is starting to be rebuilt. (Details here )

A short video of Marysville before the fire

Marysville after the fire

Pumpkins & Tomatoes

My Pumpkin plants have taken over!

My mint is being eaten to bits

I have 2 tomatoes yes they look a bit sad don’t they. However these will be the first tomatoes I’ve actually got to grow. The plants though have all got this rot – I think it is fungal. The pumpkin has something similar. It looks like it has had some dirty light brown stains.

How to work out what's going on in Melbourne

Melbourne is a pain in the arse

Loads of things happen every day and its really hard to find out what’s going on. Most of the websites about what is going on in melbourne are pretty useless. I swear pople that organise events and agrigate information about melbourne events take a pervers please in making it really difficlut to work out whats going on where.


–Lets do something
–cool what?
–Lets have a look on the internet
–10 websites 3 badly organised brochures later
…lets just go onto Sydney road

I tell what I really like is when they have the comedy festival and they a great big blackboard at teh town hall with whats on today

Most sites don’t have much content (unless I want to watch something at the vodaphone arean that costs $60 or up forget it
The search facilties on nearly all of the sites are crap
The layout of most of the printed material on any festivals is normally badly organized
No sites have RSS feeds
Most of the band venues don’t have actual websites

SO FAR I HAVE TRIED (categorized useless and marginally helpful)


Melbourne City Life

A BIT Usefull
three thousand

The venues have really crap websites too. The Old bar is a myspace, The Brunswick Hotel is

I'm loving my veggie Patch – Just spent money


  • To buy seeds economically I would have been off buying online will try next time I buy seeds
  • With the use of canes I was able to train my grapes to offer some shade to veggie patch C (This needs more shade)
  • Plants get discounted alot in kmart I bought two rather sickly plants for $1:18


  • I have bought stuff (I spent $66 AU which brings my total to $96.83 (AU) (see my spreadsheet with all costs to date)
  • I have bought some flower seeds (they should bring nice bugs into my garden)
  • I have bought some petunias (they were 59 cents AU)
  • I have change my potting mix to 30% cane mulch 30%compost and the rest dirt and leaves (from the lemon tree)
  • I have now planted for the first time in the front garden (I planted rocket – I like rocket)
  • I have bought a plant to shade patch c

    I decided I needed to buy a few things to make my garden a bit better

    1. Plastic label sticks (my paper ones were curiling and getting in the light of my seedlings
    2. 5 black plastic buckets (they will form part of my self watering containers

    From Gardening 14/02/09 7:01 PM

    The next picture shows how I am using it. Buy simpley putting a pot in the bucket and the adding water to the bucket I am making sure it gets lots of water. I may drill holes in the sides of the containers in future but I will see how these go.

    From Gardening 14/02/09 7:01 PM

    I have done a bit of work on bed c below is a picture you can see that I have planted a shrub ($10) that hopefully will give a little more shade. I have also put in poles to guide the grape vine to give some shade too.

    From Gardening 14/02/09 7:01 PM
  • Isn't democracy Brilliant

     Now I am an Australian citizen I was keen to take my responsibilities seriously.

    On Saturday I voted in the election for Moreland. (Brunswick)
    I was going though the leaflets by the voting building. There were 2 green 1 socialist alliance and 3 labour candidates (no liberal). As I was going through them one of the guys handing out leaflets asked me if I had any questions. I asked him lots of stuff and eventually he said he couldn’t help so he called the candidate and I spoke to him on the phone – It was great!
    I then spoke to another candidate (who was there in person) called Christopher Anderson (see his bog)
    He was a really nice guy that I felt genuinely wanted to improve things. It was really good of them both to take the time to go through the issues. 
    I voted for Chris