Isn’t democracy Brilliant

Now I am an Australian citizen I was keen to take my responsibilities seriously.

On Saturday I voted in the election for Moreland. (Brunswick)

I was going though the leaflets by the voting building. There were 2 green 1 socialist alliance and 3 labour candidates (no liberal). As I was going through them one of the guys handing out leaflets asked me if I had any questions. I asked him lots of stuff and eventually he said he couldn’t help so he called the candidate and I spoke to him on the phone – It was great!
I then spoke to another candidate (who was there in person) called Christopher Anderson (see his bog)
He was a really nice guy that I felt genuinely wanted to improve things. It was really good of them both to take the time to go through the issues.
I voted for Chris

Still Sick – Melbourne Shuffle

I have managed to make a bit of progress on my tax returns today despite being really rough. However most of the day I have just mooched around. I did however spend a bit more time looking into the Melbourne Shuffle.(SEE MELBOURNE SHUFFLE ENTRY IN WIKIPEADIA)

Being not from round these parts (I am from the UK) I have found it all rather curious. below are a couple is a video I have decided that I will learn some moves and put a video on when I have it sorted. (I wonder if I can do a rave song with a guitar and drums ….hmmmm?)
Below is what I am aiming for
Melbourne Shuffle

Sick with Flu

Both Clare and I have the flu – no real flu. Not a bad cold.
I bloody hate that no-one ever takes time off with a cold anymore it just devalues how horrible flu can be. Anyway because I have been bored I sent off a few emails that I have been meaning to do for ages and one of my friends sent me back a message that she didn’t really know what I am up to at the moment so I though I would take this time to take stock and explain how I am doing in m various activities
I was bored in bed this morning.
Do you know Melbourne has a dance? I am going to learn it – when I get better.
1. Improving my personal efficiency with David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” . I have my GTD system fully implemented for home and work and I am pretty impressed. I have never been so productive!
Here is what I have
Organisation & Filing – see below
Data Collection
My Dual Pocketmod – see movie
Here is a shot of my email
On Friday I  just put a spiral bound note book by my bed so I can write ideas as they come to me. This has been really handy recently as I have had a bit of trouble sleeping and had some good ideas in my rather sick haze of the night.
2. Continuing with my Memory club – Me and another nice chap from Melbourne are meeting every fortnight to learn advanced memory techniques. Currently I trying to use these to memorize a child’s book.
3. Continuing with my Finance club – I will be presenting my implimentation of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”
4. Hoping to start a new club with a friend based on the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris. (a book about outsourcing and having the perfect lifestyle by a very bright guy).I was on youtube the other day and found Tim Ferris he’s all over it.
5. Setting up a DIY super fund with a friend of mine (it is now established we just need to roll it over and start buying shares). (See my other blog Blog)
6. Jimmy Yukka and his Amazing Band been working on some plans and have a few extra acts that have expressed an enthusiasm to work with us. We are trying to have a band meeting tomorrow where we can make some plans for world domination. I have lots of ideas.