What is food acid?

Oct. 31, 2009 by

I have been on a mini mission this last 5 months. Everytime I have been at a supermarket I have been looking for decent pickled onions and pickled beetroot. It

My MBT Shoes laces

My MBT Shoes laces

Sep. 23, 2009 by

I currently have a pair of very pricy but very good shoes http://au.mbt.com/ They are the most comfortable shoes I have every had and they are improving my posture. However

DIY hallucinations

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THe one inch punch

THe one inch punch

Jun. 20, 2009 by

I’ve often wondered about this http://www.livevideo.com/media/playvideo_fs.aspx?fs=1&cid=6E02E6B95CEB464E9034ECBF1B9EA051 It looks alot like systema

Recycled Water

Recycled Water

Mar. 12, 2009 by

As you may know from a previous post I believe recycling paper and metals to be a complete waste of time and actually harmfull. I am just watching a documentary

THe Nature of Chee or QI

Mar. 1, 2009 by

Wilst looking at self massage on youtube I thought I should open the search up to “self healing”. As many of you know I try to look after my qi

Self Neck and shoulder massage

Mar. 1, 2009 by

I thought maybe I should see what there is out there that I can do myself for myself and there is actually quite a bit THIS IS AWSOME!! I just

Neck and Shoulder massage

Feb. 28, 2009 by

I get headaches / migranes (behind the right eye) from time to time. These are mainly due to tension in the neck and I generally sorted out by a session

Sick with Flu

Aug. 31, 2008 by

Both Clare and I have the flu – no real flu. Not a bad cold. I bloody hate that no-one ever takes time off with a cold anymore it just