My MBT Shoes laces

I currently have a pair of very pricy but very good shoes

They are the most comfortable shoes I have every had and they are improving my posture. However the shoelaces busted up prematurely. I just got a call from Peter Shepheard to let me know thah the replacements have come in and they are putting them in the post

THe Nature of Chee or QI

Wilst looking at self massage on youtube I thought I should open the search up to “self healing”. As many of you know I try to look after my qi and this is a movie about working with the qi (or life force as seen by toaists).

It looks pretty interesting qi is lifeforce and think gong is breathing. I guess it’s a bit like the study of Pranayama (in yoga)


It is now practiced by millions of chinese

Self Neck and shoulder massage

I thought maybe I should see what there is out there that I can do myself for myself and there is actually quite a bit

THIS IS AWSOME!! I just did it – bloody amazing. This is a complete massage I got pretty deep – I think I can sort myself out with this one.

He did another one too on face excersizes that was nice.

I also did this one but it wasn’t as good as the ones above

I haven’t done these but they looked interesting for different reasons

This is a meditation / self massage especially for a migrane (I found it a bit boring – maybe I’ll try at again sometime)

I found this one less than convincing basically tap yourself in various places whilst saying “even if I have a migraine headache I fully accept me the way I am” . hmmm

Neck and Shoulder massage

I get headaches / migranes (behind the right eye) from time to time.

These are mainly due to tension in the neck and I generally sorted out by a session with my chiropracter / kinesiologist. He is very good but costs me money. This weekend I have been getting information with the hope that I can gain the skills to give my partner a massage in the hope that she will return the favor and fix my headache without the cost.

Below are two videos on the subject

This one is very prescriptive

We have just followed the first video and I think we will do it again. My partner found it more pleasurable the second time round as I think I was a bit rough the first time

Sick with Flu

Both Clare and I have the flu – no real flu. Not a bad cold. 
I bloody hate that no-one ever takes time off with a cold anymore it just devalues how horrible flu can be. Anyway because I have been bored I sent off a few emails that I have been meaning to do for ages and one of my friends sent me back a message that she didn’t really know what I am up to at the moment so I though I would take this time to take stock and explain how I am doing in m various activities
I was bored in bed this morning.
Do you know Melbourne has a dance? I am going to learn it – when I get better.
1. Improving my personal efficiency with David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” . I have my GTD system fully implemented for home and work and I am pretty impressed. I have never been so productive! 
Here is what I have
Organisation & Filing – see below
Data Collection
My Dual Pocketmod – see movie
Here is a shot of my email
On Friday I  just put a spiral bound note book by my bed so I can write ideas as they come to me. This has been really handy recently as I have had a bit of trouble sleeping and had some good ideas in my rather sick haze of the night.

2. Continuing with my Memory club – Me and another nice chap from Melbourne are meeting every fortnight to learn advanced memory techniques. Currently I trying to use these to memorize a child’s book.
3. Continuing with my Finance club – I will be presenting my implimentation of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” 
4. Hoping to start a new club with a friend based on the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris. (a book about outsourcing and having the perfect lifestyle by a very bright guy).I was on youtube the other day and found Tim Ferris he’s all over it.
5. Setting up a DIY super fund with a friend of mine (it is now established we just need to roll it over and start buying shares). (See my other blog Blog)
6. Jimmy Yukka and his Amazing Band been working on some plans and have a few extra acts that have expressed an enthusiasm to work with us. We are trying to have a band meeting tomorrow where we can make some plans for world domination. I have lots of ideas.