I have a number of activities I am involved with that require the use of Internet marketing. I love the fact that the Internet provides a platform where the little guys can succeed. All my recent knowledge has been acquired via the Internet either by trial and error, learning from articles or listening to pod casts. The Internet Marketing by Achademy Internet is probably my most eagerly awaited podcast on this subject.

I have also dabbled with podcasting so far only with my rock band Jimmy Yukka and his Amazing Band the two podcasts Podcasting Advisor and the
School of Podcasting. The school of podcasting has been around for along time and has some really good stuff. Podcasting advisor is new and has some good focused episodes on the mechanics of setting up a podcast. Currently I use my macbook pro or my iphone to record (a bit niosy but handy) and garageband to mix (with the program the levilator to master) and the podpress plugin to deliver the podcast. My setup is not perfect at present and I may be making two change in future I will start using feedburner for my feeds and hosting my podcasts on a separate server (probably libsyn).

I have been working with html since 1998 and currently use a php server with fansitico and most of the websites that are setup use a combination of a hosted version of wordpress with plugins I use webcity as my web host. I find today this is the easiest most flexible and scalable way to create sites. Recently we have worked on some project using WPtouch which provides a great online mobile experience.

Nowadays there are so many ways to get capability online without writing any code at all using online services some serviced that I use are

  • Google analytics essential free analytics by google
  • Bit.ly url shortner and analytics
  • Wufoo surveys and contact forms
  • surveymonkey surveys and contact forms
  • mailchimp email marketing
  • WordPress

This site was produced using wordpress with

  • thesis – The theme for this site
  • WPtouch – iphone plugin
  • Akismet –  spam filter
  • SEO all in one pack
  • Contact Form 7 – Contact form on this site
  • WordPress Database Backup – backups
  • Blog in a blog – for putting relevant blog entries on the bottom of each page
  • Supple Forms

some other plugins I use

  • podpress – publish podcasts
  • Wp Amember – membership pages
  • gigpress – publish gig info
  • sharethis – publish posts simultaneously on facebook, twitter ext
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