Paul Ayling

Paul is originally from Cambridge UK and been settled in Melbourne for 10 years. He is currently an lead analyst programmer for a utility company and has had previous careers in technology and sales. He has also been singer songwriter in 3 bands spanning the last 10 years and proud owner of an agricultural property in country Victoria. His interests include digital marketing, economics, philosophy, history, agriculture and critical thinking which are all components of increasing personal resilience , these feature in his blog

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Pauls Music

Jimmy Yukka

Fred Yukka


Jimmy Y  Recently I have been recording tracks on the go around Melbourne. The track sare all recorded using my iphone and in some cases are collaborations with other members of the propeller heads community. The tracks are mainly created in propellerheads software called Figure and Take.

Caroline Towers …A violent tale set in a future where buildings are as massive as countries, where the people never know the outside, and the value of human life is below that of concrete and steel.

Jimmy Yukka and his Amazing Band is my most recent band a two piece band. I have gigged across Melbourne for a period of 6 years.  A cross of punk, sexy rock, funk and Hip-Hop. I have 4 studio tracks available – available on the main site

Fred Yukka was my first band a 3 piece in the Sheffield UK and performed gig across the UK. A studio album can be found on itunes or CD Baby.

Other Stuff

  • FatcatsFinance Club – learning the share valuation techniques of Warren Buffet
  • Economics – I am very interested in economics and blog about it from time to time
  • Bands – I have had several bands I compose, sing and play guitar.
  • Aylston Estate – I have a rural 20 acre off grid property and record my experiments.
  • Health – Good health is a prerequisite to achieving anything.
  • Personal – holidays and anything else I do or think that does not fit in the above
  • UseTheTrivium – The biggest threat to the planet is not war or global warming it is the lack of critical thought and this is my site about improving it. It was quite sophisticated at the beginning of the year I was trying to setup a platform that facilitated a structured approach to gaining wisdom as a group. I stopped development of this site but still write blog posts occasionally.

FatcatsFinance ClubThe club started off as a way of learning as group about finance the group then morphed into specializing in company valuation using the methods of Warren Buffet. Setup in 2007 we have covered various topics and now we meetup to compare company valuations.After 8 years I have wound this club up as I lost my interest for buying and selling of shares in this current economic climate. Since then Google has removed most of the images leaving it looking a bit nude. However there is good information on the site. This includes speadsheets developed by the club to put valuations on companies .   EconomicsAs I learned more about the way the world works it became clear that underpinning all history and events is the movement of money. For this I have become very interested in this and written about economics and used my analytical nature to understand things more fully. I have written about subjects related to economics and money in this blog and the fatcatsfinance blog.What Do I think and WhySome attributes of people I respect

  • Clear analytical independent thinking
  • Take time to get to the truth
  • Become empowered by knowledge
  • Take action to improve things
  • Ambitious and positive
  • Creative
  • Fun

My guiding principlesBelow are some things I am trying to integrate into the way I act on a day to day basis

  • Lead by example
  • Take small steps
  • Create Independence and Sustainability
    • Reduce my cost base
    • Diversify Income
    • Control wealth development
    • Encourage others to run independent lives
    • Plan for the worst expect the best
    • Actively look after my personal health
  • Understand where I am going and why
  • Pursue my passions
  • Find my own truth and when I believe I understand something and and there is an action I should take – Do it.
  • Be clear and fair in my dealings with others
  • Help people where it is effective to do so
  • Don’t ask until I have already given something