Instead of empowered many people feel overwhelmed by the breadth of confusing information on the internet.

INFOSHOT helps you make better life decisions by allowing you to build a map to show your thinking and to show the information sources you have used. 

Once you create your INFOSHOT you can embed it on your blog, website and share on social media.  Other people can then use your INFOSHOT to make their own decisions and they can even use your work to create their own version of your INFOSHOT. The new version can be viewed as a layer on top of the original, similar to how layers work in photoshop.



Navigating the internet based on thoughtful, authentic,  recommendations – people based search algorithm


In Coorporate Australia Paul Ayling was routinely involved in communicating complex information to mid and senior management. He became fascinated with optimising decision making through the use of  succinct communication. During this time he also started exploring how similar approaches might be used to improve decision making for personal decisions. In 2012 he ran a meetup dedicated getting to the bottom of specific questions in a methodical manner. He also developed a plugin for WordPress which provided a structured approach to argumentation online with the aim to make commenting more constructive.

Recently he has been working for a startup primarily creating tests for various business model hypothesis as well as providing technical architecting. In  previous careers he has been an analytics manager for an energy company and account manager for various B2B software companies. He also has a small business called Antstand and has recorded works in various bands.
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