how to hedge inflation using silver

Silver is the best hedge against Inflation

Silver has a great deal of potential upside.

There is less silver available today than there was 100 years ago as silver is consumed by industry . Silver is approaching an all time high vs the cost of gold it is  50 times more expensive than gold  compared with a multiple of 30 in 1985 and roduction costs for silver when compared Gold is only 17 times as much.

So silver prices could be different if based on

  • Gold / Silver price Ratio (at 1985 ratio)  $60
  • Production cost ratio  $105
*details on my numbers are lower down in the post
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What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a new currency making a huge impact. BitCoins are an electronic currency that has no bank and allows anonymous ,low cost transactions.

I was listening to  two beers with steve where he interviewed Brian Newgen (a bit coins expert) from Dublin Ireland. What makes Bitcoins different to other currencies is

  • They are are a finite amount in circulation and rules that limit thier distribution (so no systemic inflation),
  • There are no central banks therefore very low transaction costs
  • All transactions are 100% anonymous

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