Australia to Double Population

Politicians (both labour and opposition) have been talking about immigration policies that would see the Australian population to almost double from 22 to 36million by 2050. Australia currently has the fastest growing population in the world.

The Australian citizens have never been asked about this.

Yesterday I watched a video from Dick Smith that basically debunked most of the widely used reasons for a “Large Australia”. He is campaigning to have the politicians actually consult the the people about the population strategy and come up with a sensible plan.

Intro Video

Long Video

Dick Smith is one of Australia’s most recognised individuals. After a successful business career in retailing and publishing, Dick has become well known as a restless adventurer, making many pioneering and record breaking flights by helicopter, aeroplane and balloon.” More info and complete text on Dick Smiths full website here.

World Growth
Dick also broaches the subject of world population growth and the predicted increase in population from 6.7 to just over 9 billion by 2050. World food production over the last 9 years has remained flat and is looking likely to decrease as more soil becomes infertile. Concern about food availability in the future is one of the drivers that got me interested in permaculture. To see more about me and permaculture go to my permaculture page.


Sex Starved Pumpkins

Although the pumpkin plants in my garden are huge they keep producing little baby pumpkins that just fall when about the size of a tennis ball.

A friend of mine has suggested it is casued by the fact that they have not germinated. The cure?

Get a flower (that has no bulge under it)
Wipe the stamen over the flowers on top of the little pumpkins

I have now tried this – wait and see I guess!


Using the Washing machine water on the garden

appliance-washing-machine-gardenI have been wanting to start using the washing machine water on the garden. Our washing machine uses about 180 litres of water with one load. Our house uses the washing machine about 3 times a week- that’s alot of water! I am going to use this water on the beds in the side of the house.

I have mulched these beds in preparation for planting.

It turns out that using the washing machine water on the garden in this way is a bad idea because you should not let washing machine water sit as its full of bacteria. I then modified the method so I now have the outflow flow straight onto the garden. This works quite well