Yearly review

Review and Renew 2009

Yearly review

I have been thinking about the garden what went well and what didn’t go quite so well and what I want to try in 2009.

Went well

  • Compost – composted all household compostibles
  • Lettuce (I had home grown lettuce most days)
  • Mint – great but has now passed its best lasted about 3 months
  • Rosmary – can’t fail with this
  • Dwarf broad beans – I harvested a few and killed them and left in soil (fixing nitrogeon)
  • Garlic (from sprouted cloves)
  • Basil – good but bolted quickly

Almost Worked

  • Peas, tomatoes – started well but got rot
  • Cabbage, broccoli – started well be savaged by snails cabbage moth & slugs.
  • Broad beans some looked promising but rotted or just died
  • Strawberries, grapes (produced but eaten by birds)
  • Chillis (from from chill seeds from kitchen) kept getting eaten when young
Failures (didn’t grow at all)
  • Soybeans (maybe the seeds were bad)
  • Grow from seeds they kept dying
Things I have learnt
  • How to use mulch
  • How to water

Feb 2 In my garden HOT HOT HOT!


  • Keep young plants out of the sun in Melbourne
  • Put piles of mulch on your plants when it is hot (it keeps the roots cool and prevents evaporation)
  • All new plants will be grown in the shade


  • Grow tomatoes from seeds in a tomato
  • Put labels on my seedlings

    Its been a hot month

    It reached a top of 46 degrees centigrade 115 degrees Fahrenheit! this week – not good for my plants!

    Melbourne, host city for the Australian Open tennis tournament, posted three straight days of temperatures above 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit) for the first time in recorded history. The South Australian capital of Adelaide is experiencing its hottest streak since 1908.

    “They could be people who are elderly who have succumbed to heat stroke or some exhaustion as a result of the heat,” Hill said. “The ones I am most concerned about who are isolated and live by themselves.”

    Today’s forecast high for Melbourne is 37 degrees while Adelaide is expected to reach 40 degrees according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s Web site.

    More than 500 firefighters are battling bushfires covering 6,000 hectares (14,800 acres) in eastern Victoria, according to the Country Fire Authority.

    In the town of Booolara, 15 homes have been lost, while there haven’t been any reports of fatalities, the Web Site reported.

    Full article here

    Its been pretty hot for a few weeks and all of my seedlings that I potted orignally have died. It was partly due to the fact they wern’t shady and partly the soil wasn’t draining well enough. All my plants have now got big layers of muclch on top and been moved into the shade where I can.

    The basil I planted is bed C is doing pretty badly but not dead yet (the tomatoes seedlings I put into that bed died last month).
    The basin in the pots under the tree is fairing much better. My plants don’t like as much sun as they are getting!
    below are my plants