Rocky Horror Show

I went to the premier of the Rocky Horror Show in Melbourne last week. It was a freebie (I think tickets would have been $100 otherwise!). ┬áIt was very nice but I hadn’t a clue what was going on.

It was ok – My friend was writing a review – here it is

Melbourne Is running out of water

This “drought” is getting on my nerves we can only water our garden at night and some people are showering with a bucket to save water.

I thought you may be intersted in our current water levels. We have 30% of the water in our damns right now at current rates I estimate (assuming no increase in capacity). Melbourne will be out of water in 5 years.

Also Looks like we are not doing ourselves any fa

Meanwhile the catchment areas are being logged this movie is about that

This covers the whole thing

Below is a short film about reflex – a company that makes paper (using Melbournes water catchments

Although our council is against the logging