Using the Washing machine water on the garden

appliance-washing-machine-gardenI have been wanting to start using the washing machine water on the garden. Our washing machine uses about 180 litres of water with one load. Our house uses the washing machine about 3 times a week- that’s alot of water! I am going to use this water on the beds in the side of the house.

I have mulched these beds in preparation for planting.

It turns out that using the washing machine water on the garden in this way is a bad idea because you should not let washing machine water sit as its full of bacteria. I then modified the method so I now have the outflow flow straight onto the garden. This works quite well

Facts about Australia

After my Mum and Dad visiting Australia I thought I should put to task a big misconception about Australia being a dry and large dessert. It is true there are large amounts of dessert but there is also alot of arable land here too.

Australia is ranked #7 in the world with the number of cultivated land by country. The whole world 17,000 sq kilometers of cultivated land which is 11.61% of all land

1 US
2 India
3 China
4 Russia
5 Brasilland use by country from wikipeadia
6 Canada
7 Australia has 471k sq Kilometers which is 6% of total area

land use by country  wikipeadia

In fact Australia is a breadbasket here is a link to all the produce from the country

Australia is the world #1 provider of wool and lupins source produces more hops and barley than the UK

Planting for 2010

I am trying to learn from a few of the things I have seen in 2009. Much of the problems I had with 2009 was too many pests. I also had problems training my vertical plants up sticks. To get over this I am trying to use the plants together better. I have just planted corn and beans together in a bunch of beds.

I have also planted marigolds and chamomile and strawflowers to encourage more predator insects. I have also planted basil with the tomatos.

4 final days in Queenstown

My mum and dad left to go to Auckland and then back to the UK. It was lovely and we will miss them both.Weather in New Zealand seems to be getting a  bit better. Last week broke records for being the wettest for this time of year – at the same time the UK is the coldest and Melbourne is the hottest – weird.

We now have a fancy apartment in Queensland – lovely. (Below is what it looks like in ski season)

Been enjoying the TV particularity like the @7o’clock which is quite entertaining. We walked up the hill overlooking Queenstown where the gondola (above) goes up and then did the luge – below

The luge looks a bit tame but it is actually pretty cool.
Then next day we went to the nearby town of Arrowtown and old gold mining town (Queenstown and the surrounding towns we ,like a number of rural Melbourne towns built on gold). It is also the home of one of the first hydroelectric plants in the world – build to provide power for the mines and the town.

Today our final day in Queenstown we will be going on a jet boat around the lake. and then we will drive up some mountains to try to see the tops of some clouds