Us at the Aylston Estate

Mum and Dad visiting

Mum and Dad have been over from the UK the last couple of weeks at the country 20 acre residence. We have decided to fence in the house in to prevent kangaroos from eating all my plants. Dad helped me with my fence .(Mum has proofed this)

Mum “We are having an amazing time here….I am really appreciating the selected sightseeing to all the building merchants/ timber yards and DIY outlets….all very cultural!!”


My top 3 Internet Business Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts and thought the readers might be interested to know what my favourite were. They all feature stacks of detailed actionable  information and are also all really motivating.

Five minutes with Jack

Jack runs a successful business based around The survival podcast and based on this experience he also has alot of great stuff about about setting up community by using podcasts that I haven’t heard anywhere else. This is a business podcast on all manner of internet marketing topics. Recently he had a really good show on some very low level advice about how to effectively use keyword research. The shows are about 5-15 mins long and there is a new show every day.

The lifestyle business Podcast

This is the journey of two smart location independent entrepreneurs. These guys have a number of profitable interesting business ventures which they tell their story on the podcast. They also have tips and tricks and great stuff about outsourcing and working internationally , working with chinese firms and even (shock!) selling real physical products. The shows are fun and they have bags of energy and I’ve been listening to their adventures since more or less the start.


The Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn has had this the smart passive income website going for a few years he has built a successful business around various passive income streams coming from his various websites and social media presence. He is completely transparent and open about his progress and publishes some great instructional videos on his blog. He also was one of the first people ever to publish his monthly income statements online which he continues to do today. I have just listened to his podcast where he actually went through his yearly income statement which I found very interesting. Recently he has also been conducting a series of interviews with different entrepreneurs using the internet in different ways to improve their businesses which I found very interesting.



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