war on cancer

Surviving Terminal Cancer

In 1971 President Nixon Declared “War on Cancer”

Richard Nixon war on Cancer address

In 1971 one in thirty would develop cancer in their lifetime, today the figure is one in three.

The film Surviving Terminal Cancer suggests this failure is due to a flawed approach the medical establishment has towards terminal disease. The film covers a number of individuals that have been diagnosed with terminal cancer and in many cases given just months to live. Many of the individuals are still alive today (10 or 15 years later). The reason they are still alive is by ignoring the advice of their oncologists and self administering a cocktail of drugs. This practice has been shown to be effective against HIV but for other terminal diseases is difficult and often illegal.

The film highlights how the patients best interests and the the best interests of science are often at odds especially in cases of terminal disease.

Surviving Terminal Cancer from Indigo Rebel on Vimeo.


Does HIV / AIDS actually exist at all?

I was recently listening to an interview with Canadian filmmaker Brent Leung has released a film called house of numbers about HIV / AIDS on the Lew Rockwell Show.  The film is called House of numbers and the interview blew my mind. The filmaker started making a film about aids and through the course of making the film discovered that the scientific knowledge on what is HIV and what is AIDS is far from the homogeneous. Some well respected scientist even question if HIV exist at all.

The scientist that won the Nobel prize for discovering the HIV virus claims in the movie that HIV / AIDS can be cured by a naturally healthy immune system! At its heart is a focus on numbers (as the name suggests) and the film rips into a number of the huge numbers that a talked bout around HIV / AIDS. Probably have a look at the trailer below and listen to the podcast for more details.

The Link to the films website is here