Selenium to cure cancer

Treating cancer with Selenium

Treating cancer with selenium

Selenium is a cheap supplement that medicals trials suggest is effective at reducing and removing tumours without significant side effects.

I was listening to an interview with Keith Pendlebury  he was a nice guy who is retired and  spent years researching cancer cures. He has developed a method to cure cancers using selenium that he originally developed to help his father. He is happy to share his method and provide free advice with anyone and has published an ebook on his site that explains more details.  In the interview he explains what drove him to do what he is doing and also details the technical reasons as to how selenuim works and the research he did.

On his website he quotes many medical trials that study the use of selenium when combating cancer. In the interview he also mentioned the work of Linus Pauling. I have written a post before about Dr Linus Pauling , winner of 2 Nobel prizes(for Chemistry and Physics). He has also published a number of books on cancer and I have read Cancer and Vitamin C and a few other of his books. He has also researched and documented other Vitamins and minerals and their effect on health including selenium details that can be found at the Oregon State University.

I had originally posted a different image of a selenium supplement on the post but I changed it as keith kindly pointed out which brand and dosage he uses which is  Natural Factors selenium at a dosage of 200 mcgs.