Bought seedlings!

Bought seedlings!

Jul. 26, 2009 by

I have bought some seedlings – cost me $5 for all these plants (they had been attacked by the chickens at CERES) From Garden 26/07/09 10:17 AM I have now

My interview on the Productivity Show

My interview on the Productivity Show

Jul. 21, 2009 by

I have been an avid listener to the “productivity show and was delighted to be asked by Tony Goodson to talk about what I am doing to make myself more

Energy Efficient light globes are harmful

Jul. 18, 2009 by

I have long suspected that the claims made for energy efficient light globes is nonsense so armed with google I did a bit of research The claim for energy efficient

Australian Tsunami

Jul. 15, 2009 by

NSW, Victoria Lord Howe Island and NZ were on Tsunami alert yesterday! I watched the unfolding events using tweetdeck – it was fascinating! “The weather bureau says east coast beaches

DIY hallucinations

Jul. 12, 2009 by