Chicken or the Egg? It was the Egg

“Which came first the chicken or the egg?”. I have the answer

The egg came first

The justification is that according to Darwins theory of evolution the a mutation would have caused the first chicken to evolve from another animal.
Ps I am currently on holiday and was driving down the Cooling in SA when I thought of this. Comments on this would be much appreciated. (I wrote this on my iPhone)


Setting up automated irrigatation

I have been busy recently. We have recently moved and the last couple of week I went mad put in a spring / summer garden. I have also made some significant progress at the estate. The contrast is amazing at the home the soil is dark a loamy and full of worms at the estate if I want to grow anything I have to dig a hole first with a pick axe (and it takes a long time).

I have setup automated irrigation in both places – set to go off every 3 days. Like anything its not to hard once you work out how to do it. The timer cost $30 from bunnings. At the estate I also needed to put in a filter ($80). I also needed piping (although theres quite a bit at the estate allready)

Below is a sideshow of my new garden / house in Melbourne

Please do not watch the video below if you are offended by foul language!
When I am not swearing about the irrigation I am showing whats going on at the Estate lots of “big potatoes!”