projection festival

Projection Festival – St

Clare and I went to the Projection festival in Melbourne last week. Basically a load of the shops on the street were lit up by projection from sometimes accros the road and in some cases whole buildings were projected on

Clare and the bar in the back was lit up and changed pattern and colour over time

Outside a costume shop

People in the shop knitting

Knitting sandwiches – yum!


man to jump

Man to jump off building over from my office

We had someone threatening to throw themselves of the build over from us yesterday. We could see it all from our kitchen window. I watched it unfold for for a bit from our kitchen window on the 31st floor.There were 6 police officers and a negotiator trying to talk him down. Burke St outside our office was shut down. After about 5 mins of nothing really happening I decided that either nothing was going to happen for ages or he would jump. I decided I didn’t really want to see either so I stopped and went back to work. When I went out for lunch there was a huge crowd of onlookers on the street. Above is a picture of my office (its the big grey building on left). The “jumper” was on a building opposite.

Details below
UPDATE 2.25pm: ONLOOKERS cheered as man talked down from a building’s rooftop after CBD streets blocked for more than two hours.

Negotiators brought the incident to an end about 1.20pm today, after tense scenes on the rooftop of the seven-storey building today.

Emergency crews raced to the scene near the corner of Hardware lane just before 11am.

The incident brought traffic to a standstill between Hardware lane and Queen St in both directions, forcing trams, motor traffic and pedestrians to be diverted around the scene.

About five police officers, including negotiators, were seen on the roof of the building as they talked to the man.

At least four police cars blocked the streets at the height of the drama as hundreds of office workers watched the scene with bated breath.

Their relief was obvious as cheers erupted from neighbouring buildings as the man was taken into protective custody.

He is understood to have been treated by paramedics a short time later.

Social networks were buzzing with the incident this afternoon, with office workers taking pictures of the scene, and alerting their colleagues. Source the Herald Sun


Update Twitter and facebook from wordpress

I have just set my blog to automatically update my Facebook and twitter status every time I publish a blog. to to this I have used the plugins FacepressII and twitter tools. Both were very easy setup and both work. I did try wordbook but for some reason I couldn’t get it to work so I gave up.

So now everytime I update a blog the title of the blog gets put into the profile along with a url.


How I set up a wordpress site and migrated from Blogger

I have now completed writing and publishing this new personal webiste. How did I do it. Here is a step by step guide to how I set up my site



  • Changed default username and password
  • Changed default permalink structure to a more SEO friendly format /%postname%/
  • In “Reading settings” changed to a static page and moved post page to be my page called blog
  • Input my api key from my account to intialize Akisment


I followed the steps laid down here


I had to modify the

WordPress address (URL) to

Site address (URL) to