What is food acid?

Question_markI have been on a mini mission this last 5 months. Everytime I have been at a supermarket I have been looking for decent pickled onions and pickled beetroot. It is hard to find in Melbourne.

I have too major gripes with the pickles I have come accross.

1. They ask to be refridgerated after opening because .. (point 2) They do not contain any vinegar! (Instead sugar water and food acid)

I thought the whole point of pickling was to preserve said food and I also niavly expected pickled onions or beatroot to contain vinegar. Last week picked my own. I’d reccomend this as it only took me about half an hour to make 6 jars. (below is one)

Food acid is in so much stuff.

For instance it is in the “peters” lemon “Icy pole”. I was eating one of these a while back and read the label.

“All Natrual ingredients” then the ingredients read
on the Nestle website  it says

Key nutritional benefits

  • 99% fat free
  • Gluten free
  • All natural colours and flavours


What’s in an icy pole then?
“Water, sugar, food acid, natural colouring, natural flavouring”

I had two questions about this
1. How is “food acid” natural
2. How can a lemon icy pole with all natural ingredients contain no lemon???? Was lemon juice one of the “natural flavourings” on the ingredient list?

I called the nestle number on the packet to ask for more details. They could not tell me what food acid was. When I asked what was the  “natural flavourings” I was told that this was a trade secret and if other companies knew then they would be at a competitive disadvantage. So it doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that these lemon icy poles have never been anywhere near a lemon.

Food labelling – what a load of nonsense!



Snow Leopard $30 not well spent

I have just had to turn off my router for the second time this morning because the wifi has not worked reliably since I upgraded to snow leopard on my macbookpro.

Excel was routinely crashing my laptop too. I had to fix that – what a pain. Snow leopard looks the same as previous and at the moment is more unreliable.

ALSO something I am really annoyed with is that the multi-touch touchpad which I got the distinct impression would now work with 4 finger gestures is not compatible with my laptop. hmm Well I have 1 finger gesture of my own.
This is the first time I have ever bought an operating system. I won’t be doing it again