I hate facebook

Today I deleted my Facebook Account

I have always hated Facebook. I hate the way they change things without asking. I hate the non straightforeward way it works. I hate the way people now don’t value privacy and the contribution Facebook has made towards that attitude. In addition I hate the way they make you have a stupid “page” if your a business that is useless as a marketing tool.

I setup my facebook account some years ago to promote my band. Pretty soon after that I realized it was not a very good tool for that purpose and then focussed on building a mailing list. I also set it up to keep in contact with my family but to be honest I never go in as I prefer to talk to them. I haven’t used it for ages so I thought rather than leave it online so people can build up a database of images of me I decided to erase my account. By the way if you don’t think people are building up databases of images check out facesearch.com – creepy! Or this one brought to you by Reuters vuedle

I am now cleansed

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codecademy free tuition

codecademy free tuition

Today I just finished “web Fundamentals”. Which is a suite of free online training  turtorials on a great training site called codecademy. It covered HTML 5 , CSS and a bit of java. I am really impressed with the site and the way the lessons are structured. I also like the way it gives you medals for performance – I have found it to be very motivating.

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iphone auto correct

iPhone autocorrect fun

I am actually writing this blog post on my iPhone. Isn’t technology amazing! I love my iPhone how’ve ever it can be annoying occasionally and one of the most annoying functions is auto correct. I have sent a few bloopers in the post caused by the over zealous autocorrect. I found this site and thought you may find it as amusing as I.



Is now a good time to buy a house?

A friend of mine asked me for my opinion on whether he should buy a house right now. To answer the question properly I had to explain where I think the world economy is going and the causes.

When making an investment decision you need to weigh up the downsides versus potential upside. House prices are related to economic performance and interest rates so you need to look at these two items to come to a decision.

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