Does HIV / AIDS actually exist at all?

I was recently listening to an interview with Canadian filmmaker Brent Leung has released a film called house of numbers about HIV / AIDS on the Lew Rockwell Show.  The film is called House of numbers and the interview blew my mind. The filmaker started making a film about aids and through the course of making the film discovered that the scientific knowledge on what is HIV and what is AIDS is far from the homogeneous. Some well respected scientist even question if HIV exist at all.

The scientist that won the Nobel prize for discovering the HIV virus claims in the movie that HIV / AIDS can be cured by a naturally healthy immune system! At its heart is a focus on numbers (as the name suggests) and the film rips into a number of the huge numbers that a talked bout around HIV / AIDS. Probably have a look at the trailer below and listen to the podcast for more details.

The Link to the films website is here


Guitar Lessons by Skype

To keep my music fresh I have been wanting to improve my guitar technique with some guitar lessons. My last guitar teacher moved further away which meant I found it too difficult to get to his new location. For this reason I started my search looking for lessons very close to my home or work . I couldn’t find any teachers that were really close that would have been suitable and it lead me to an innovative solution to my problem.

Lessons by Skype

I have found a new teacher from Sydney called EMZ who gives lessons worldwide Via Skype.

I have to admit I had my doubts about how effective using a webcam would be. The teacher did offer a free trial first and once I took up the trial it worked pretty well. I have now had 3 lessons and my teacher is great (I am currently learning “Play Misty for Me” theme to the film “Play Misty for Me” – I think I’m gonna have to hire it)

It is so convenient just skype him at the allotted time and pay him by payPal.

I think skype is going to revolutionize guitar lessons watch this space.

My teachers website is
Below is a video of him