Never Gonna Give you up by Rick Asterly

Bill Drummond of the 90’s band the KLF who wrote the masterly book “How to have a number 1 hit single the easy way” download here . In it he stated  that Rick Asterlys song “Never gonna give you up by Rick Asterly” is probably the best pop song ever written.

Rick Asterlys wikipeadia page is here

So what would Rick do?

In the event that you cannot remember this song or have never heard it I have included a video for you education.

I also thought you may find this amusing



This is an ad airing on Australian TV at the moment I feel a bit cheated that they have obviously seen me somewhere and been inspired to use my likeness to sell cheese


Holiday in Wonderland (The Grampians)

I went away camping this weekend in the Grampians

On the way we hired a 4wd (we wanted more space than a Hyundi getz) and this was all they had. I have to say it is a really silly vehicle to hire. It uses loads of gas and is not that big inside is uncomfortable to drive and you loose your bond on the vehicle if it gets so much as scratched (so no off-roading). Why do people hire these?

It rained friday night and kept us both up all night. On Saturday we bought ear plugs which meant we slept well on Saturday.

Anyway we also hit a number of bird sized moths on the way. Below is a picture of the vehicle and a moth I prized from the bumper.

Grampains is awesome we went here first (Mckenzie falls or black fish falls)

and here (Wonderland)

and here (the grand canyon in Wonderland)

Got to Eurpoecar at 4:00 left at 4:30 went hope and packed. Left house at 6:30 arrived at campsite at 10:30.

put tent up in 15 mins


Sex Starved Pumpkins

Although the pumpkin plants in my garden are huge they keep producing little baby pumpkins that just fall when about the size of a tennis ball.

A friend of mine has suggested it is casued by the fact that they have not germinated. The cure?

Get a flower (that has no bulge under it)
Wipe the stamen over the flowers on top of the little pumpkins

I have now tried this – wait and see I guess!


Can you be just as strong being Vegan?

There are lots of websites out there that claim that it is easy for vegans to be strong and healthy. This is a lie.  It actually requires a bit of thought and planning.On my research it looks like it is possible to be pretty strong and health being vegan although it takes more thought. There have been a few bodybuilders in the past that have been vegan including Robie Hazely. Below is a video of successful vegan sports people

Most vegan body builders I’ve seen on my browse around the internet are not that big. It is a bit hard to compare though as I would expect most vegan bodybuilders wouldn’t take steroids as steroids contain meat products. This guy was the biggest on the video he’s called Andreas Cahling from Sweeden

My diet is almost vegetarian and I am concerned that I may be lacking enough protein and nutrition to keep me strong and healthy.

If you are vegetarian you are more at risk of deficiencies caused by a lack of fats and B12 and can find it hard to put on muscle (because its not a straight forward as just eating a ton of eggs and chicken) the 2 articles below are from vegan bodybuilders.

There is a really interesting blog about nutrition and veganism called Jack Norris
This video has nothing to do with vegan bodybuilding but it is to do with strength I saw it whilst researching this article. It is nuts its called “insane feats of strength”

getting distracted

Getting Distracted

I was looking for maps and found this great blog called strange maps
It is worth a read. I was particularly interested in this of the member of the World anti spanking league

hmm small world isn’t it – I’m sure there were countries than that in the world. he he


The Cathedral Ranges National Park & Fire

I have just got back from the cathedral ranges National Park. We bought a new canvas tent. The tent was good and easy to put up although the bag has ripped allready hmm.

From Catherdral Ranges 5/04/10 11:15 AM

Cathedral Ranges national Park last year 98% of it was burnt by the fire.

We were close to the town of Taggerty which had an exhibition and a sausage sizzle on the fire from the previous year which included small books written by the survivors. We went to the town of Alexandra (Which has a statue of Princess Alexandra of Denmark shipped from the UK).

We also went to Marysville – a town that was burnt down in one of the 400 fires that raged during the the Black Saturday bush fires. We both found it quite  sombre but also positive as the town is starting to be rebuilt. (Details here )

A short video of Marysville before the fire

Marysville after the fire