Native plants

There’s a big thing in Australia about growing Native plants. I have to say I think its overated and after out chat in the royal botanical gardens in Castlemaine about what plants we know well are “native” I realized  that a number of plants I thought were native to the UK were not includeing the apple. The only native widely eaten food I could think of was macadamias. So it got us thinking about where mist of the plants we eat originate.
Lemon – Asia
Orange – Asia

Strawberry – north America
Capsicum – America
Wheat – ottoman empire
Rice – Asia
Maize – America

Rasberry – Eastern Europe

Almonds, figs, peach – asia
Garlic – central asia
Potato – south America
Watermemon – south Africa
Capsicum – south America
Apple – Asia
Cucumber- India

Britain/ Europe

Garden Update

Well my front gardens look rather lovely at the moment things are stepping. I have probably about 20 tomoato plants 20 beans and all manner of greens and flowers growing is rather nice. At our house in Melbourne we have an apple,plum,apricot,olive,peach and lemon tree. We have masses of lemons and recoently the plum and apricot trees and been producing fruit.

Meanwhile at the estate the 6 yabbie traps that I bought have come in useful and we dinned on yabbie for the first time the other week, I also have been very busy trying to make the area more green. (I’m not sure if its working) but I have dug a pretty long swale so its now “permaculture” ;-). I also have probably about 30-40 potato plants growing at the moment. See pics below

Holiday to Adeliade

I have just come back from a lovely holiday driving 2000km round trip to Adelaide

I did the video in iphoto then screengrabbed in screenflow. Which was a bit of a pain but I generated it as an album in iphoto so I can send a physical photo album to my Gran (this is why a few pages look funny because iphoto does not created videos and I sort of bodged it)

We have been on holiday on a road trip round Australia. We started off in Melbourne and drove to Mildura. Then we drove to burmera. On the way we drove a 200km unsealed road where we saw some of the lake / salt marsh teaming with life, huge Murray river cod in the shallows with We also saw 6 emus. We then made our may along the Murray River to Adeliade and then on to the coorong and then onto Mt Gambia and then home.


Had a lovely time