Backup and Webserver Setup

I have recently updated my whole server setup and its now costing me less and giving me better performance and security. I now have a very efficient setup for my podcasts, wordpress and webserver backups. I have my wordpress site hosted on hostgator and a second web server for a second account for hosting my backups and any podcast files hosted with webhostingpad.

This is a great approach for backups because then you have two different locations and companies which spreads risk. From a podcast point of view it is great as it means that people downloading your podcasts will not harm the performance of your website.

For the hosting

I have been using hostgator for some time and have found the support good (they have alot of staff and can get to you quickly). My only gripe is that the chat window has no way of sending screenshots. (For this reason I reccomend to anyone who is talking to hostgator support to email thier support desk with screenshots of your problem so you can refer to it on the chat )

I have just started using webhostingpad as they have had really good review and seem very well priced.

For the backups

I use backup buddy and I’d recommend it to anyone as it backs up everything on your site (including images) and it is easy to setup , supported and you are also able to use it to migrate wordpress site with (a task that can be very painful without it).I have a post that explains more about about how to backup using backup buddy wordpress plugin


The Squatty Potty

One of my new favourite podcasts at the moment is called Doc Fermento Discovers the world its loosely about fermentation although he can have some quite nice interviews on a verity of subjects. He’s big into fermentation after reading a book called Wild Fermentation more info can be found on the wild fermentation website .

While I was on his website I saw this unusual affilaite link. The squatty potty website (left) has a video with some facts about why its better to squat that sit. Seeming it is a good cure digestive conditions and it can cure hemorrhoids. But best of all just look at how much fun its! (see woman above)

The videos great  click this link to get through to the websitewhere you can see the video and if you decide to buy one I will earn a small commission.


Backup and Recovery with Backup Buddy

For backup and recovery of my websites I use backup buddy.

I have recently optimized my webserver configuration to optimize them for speed and safety by using two web hosts and backing up files from one to the other using backup buddy. Unlike the import export tool in wordpress backup buddy backs up all images all databases, everything.

I have setup weekly backups of all my sites using backup buddy. Its actually really easy. I ahve also recently used backup buddy to migrate one of my wordpress blogs to another server.

I also use backup buddy to migrate websites so I can develop them offline.