The university is obsolete

University is dead

I have been getting an education recently

It cost me nothing and was the most effecting teaching I have ever had.

I studied html5, CSS and php online with

  • Codecademy
  • Codehero

I learnt in 10 mins what took me 5 hours of elapsed time on a traditional course at a uni.

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fluoride in the water

Fluoride in the water

Does fluoride in the water reduce cavities?

Is fluoride dangerous?

I was listening to an interview with Dr Russell Blayblock and it got me thinking about flouride in the water. Is it a useful additive? Or is it bad for me? I’d heard allegations about some of the alleged problems with fluoride before but did not know whether to believe them. The allegations about potential health issues in the interview were significant so for this reason I decided it was time to do some significant research and and get to the bottom of this. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to lay this matter to rest, below is a summary of what I found out. Continue Reading