The Cathedral Ranges National Park & Fire

I have just got back from the cathedral ranges National Park. We bought a new canvas tent. The tent was good and easy to put up although the bag has ripped allready hmm.

From Catherdral Ranges 5/04/10 11:15 AM

Cathedral Ranges national Park last year 98% of it was burnt by the fire.

We were close to the town of Taggerty which had an exhibition and a sausage sizzle on the fire from the previous year which included small books written by the survivors. We went to the town of Alexandra (Which has a statue of Princess Alexandra of Denmark shipped from the UK).

We also went to Marysville – a town that was burnt down in one of the 400 fires that raged during the the Black Saturday bush fires. We both found it quite ┬ásombre but also positive as the town is starting to be rebuilt. (Details here )

A short video of Marysville before the fire

Marysville after the fire