THe Nature of Chee or QI

Wilst looking at self massage on youtube I thought I should open the search up to “self healing”. As many of you know I try to look after my qi and this is a movie about working with the qi (or life force as seen by toaists).

It looks pretty interesting qi is lifeforce and think gong is breathing. I guess it’s a bit like the study of Pranayama (in yoga)


It is now practiced by millions of chinese

neck and shoulder

Self Neck and shoulder massage

I thought maybe I should see what there is out there that I can do myself for myself and there is actually quite a bit

THIS IS AWSOME!! I just did it – bloody amazing. This is a complete massage I got pretty deep – I think I can sort myself out with this one.

He did another one too on face excersizes that was nice.

I also did this one but it wasn’t as good as the ones above

I haven’t done these but they looked interesting for different reasons

This is a meditation / self massage especially for a migrane (I found it a bit boring – maybe I’ll try at again sometime)

I found this one less than convincing basically tap yourself in various places whilst saying “even if I have a migraine headache I fully accept me the way I am” . hmmm