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“Which came first the chicken or the egg?”. I have the answer

The egg came first

The justification is that according to Darwins theory of evolution the a mutation would have caused the first chicken to evolve from another animal.
Ps I am currently on holiday and was driving down the Cooling in SA when I thought of this. Comments on this would be much appreciated. (I wrote this on my iPhone)


  1. Fast hands
    November 21, 2011

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    I was thinking while on holiday order a chicken sandwich and an egg sandwich and see what comes first???

  2. Anne Coxon
    November 21, 2011

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    Better for the brain to consider this type of thing than ‘what shall I have for tea?’….
    Unless of course you were using the iphone whilst actually driving then it might not be so good for your longevity (or others’ on the road).
    And wouldn’t the mutation happen very gradually? So when did the chicken actually change enough not to have been a chicken?
    Haven’t you got a radio in your car?
    Anne x

  3. Anne Coxon
    November 21, 2011

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    I like the sandwich idea – but could be flawed – how do you ask for both at the same time without saying one before the other…? Power of suggestion & all that – don’t know that this would stand up as scientific research.
    But at least you could eat the sandwiches

  4. Paul
    November 21, 2011

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    I too like the sandwich idea. In answer to Annes comment

    1. I thought of this whilst driving but wrote it whilst fully stationary.

    2. Even if as you say the mutation occurs gradually there has to be a point when the animal mutates and becomes a chicken. It cannot mutate from a chicken to a chicken. Eg

    Mouse- gives birth to a
    MouseChicken- gives birth to a

    I hope that clears thing up


  5. Paul
    November 21, 2011

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    An ammendum to your other comment Anne

    “I don’t know if it would stand up as scientific research. I welcome any Achademics specializing in evolution or chickens to counter my robust logic explained above


  6. Ziggyyy1
    December 14, 2011

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    I Think The Chicken Came First.. 1. in order to have a child. a ( Mother ) has to give birth.Right. same theory in chicken giving birth.Chicken give birth to a chick. chick grows up & have there chicks. which in theory grows up & repeats the Method. Mother chicken, then chick. one can’t have 1 with out the other? or can it? Mother Child. / chicken / chick. with out the mother a child can’t be born. same theory. a chick can’t be born with out a chicken. yaya next your going to say . what about the EGG. The egg can’t be with out the Mother. This is why in theory – you have too have a female mother .. or a chicken in order to prossess a child or egg. it takes a mother to have a Egg. the mother had a child.child grows up then repeats.. the chicken lays a Egg . then grows up into a chicken. then repeats.. ; ) The End. my opion…. have a great day… zig

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