The Squatty Potty

One of my new favourite podcasts at the moment is called Doc Fermento Discovers the world its loosely about fermentation although he can have some quite nice interviews on a verity of subjects. He’s big into fermentation after reading a book called Wild Fermentation more info can be found on the wild fermentation website .

While I was on his website I saw this unusual affilaite link. The squatty potty website (left) has a video with some facts about why its better to squat that sit. Seeming it is a good cure digestive conditions and it can cure hemorrhoids. But best of all just look at how much fun its! (see woman above)

The videos great  click this link to get through to the websitewhere you can see the video and if you decide to buy one I will earn a small commission.


  1. says

    Thanks for the mention Paul! I hope you stick with the show, wherever it may go.

    BTW: I use my toddler son’s step stool. I can’t justify the cost of the squatty potty personally :-)

  2. Paul says

    Thanks Bryan!

    Glad to hear you sticking with the show. You’ve had some dead interesting interviews. I have bought wild fermentation although not started on anything yet – although want to make some sourcrout first