The university is obsolete

University is dead

I have been getting an education recently

It cost me nothing and was the most effecting teaching I have ever had.

I studied html5, CSS and php online with

  • Codecademy
  • Codehero

I learnt in 10 mins what took me 5 hours of elapsed time on a traditional course at a uni.


Firstly the tutors were really good. They can be because the market for online trainers is worldwide and you only need one for a topic.

The tutorials were very focused because they are tweaked and improved over time as opposed to a tutorial where every tutorial is different.

Second I did not have travel to get there

Third– they made learning fun and addictive by using game theory.

Forth – there is competition driving up quality. They have to add value otherwise they won’t get paid

5 years ago I paid $1200 for a java course at swinbourne university. It took me 1 hour to get there 2 hours of tutorial and 1 hour to get home. The course was difficult to follow and the tutor had poor English.

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