I'm loving my veggie Patch – Just spent money


  • To buy seeds economically I would have been off buying online will try http://www.cornucopiaseeds.com.au/ next time I buy seeds
  • With the use of canes I was able to train my grapes to offer some shade to veggie patch C (This needs more shade)
  • Plants get discounted alot in kmart I bought two rather sickly plants for $1:18


  • I have bought stuff (I spent $66 AU which brings my total to $96.83 (AU) (see my spreadsheet with all costs to date)
  • I have bought some flower seeds (they should bring nice bugs into my garden)
  • I have bought some petunias (they were 59 cents AU)
  • I have change my potting mix to 30% cane mulch 30%compost and the rest dirt and leaves (from the lemon tree)
  • I have now planted for the first time in the front garden (I planted rocket – I like rocket)
  • I have bought a plant to shade patch c

    I decided I needed to buy a few things to make my garden a bit better

    1. Plastic label sticks (my paper ones were curiling and getting in the light of my seedlings
    2. 5 black plastic buckets (they will form part of my self watering containers

    From Gardening 14/02/09 7:01 PM

    The next picture shows how I am using it. Buy simpley putting a pot in the bucket and the adding water to the bucket I am making sure it gets lots of water. I may drill holes in the sides of the containers in future but I will see how these go.

    From Gardening 14/02/09 7:01 PM

    I have done a bit of work on bed c below is a picture you can see that I have planted a shrub ($10) that hopefully will give a little more shade. I have also put in poles to guide the grape vine to give some shade too.

    From Gardening 14/02/09 7:01 PM
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