Facts about Australia

After my Mum and Dad visiting Australia I thought I should put to task a big misconception about Australia being a dry and large dessert. It is true there are large amounts of dessert but there is also alot of arable land here too.

Australia is ranked #7 in the world with the number of cultivated land by country. The whole world 17,000 sq kilometers of cultivated land which is 11.61% of all land

1 US
2 India
3 China
4 Russia
5 Brasilland use by country from wikipeadia
6 Canada
7 Australia has 471k sq Kilometers which is 6% of total area

land use by country  wikipeadia

In fact Australia is a breadbasket here is a link to all the produce from the country

Australia is the world #1 provider of wool and lupins source produces more hops and barley than the UK

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