dangers of cellphone

The dangers of Cellphones

After the HAARP post I was doing some more digging into Dr Nick Beggich who introduced the movie about HAARP. I found that his father was a democratic senator who died under suspicious circumstances and he also had another video about the dangers of mobile phones which I actually found quite credible where he talked about Dr George Carlo a scientist employed by lobbyists to the mobile phone industry.

Here is His video

Here is the video with Dr George Carlo

There was also a Scandinavian research that has been taken place

May 17, 2005
A Swedish study finds that users of digital phones in rural areas may be at greater risk of brain cancer. Its authors say the link is troubling, although they acknowledge that the amount of data is small and wider research is needed to amplify the findings.

The researchers said that incidence of brain tumors in rural areas of Sweden was much higher among users of GSM cell phones than among rural residents who were not cell phone users. The rate was also higher than among GSM users in urban areas.
The chance of developing a malignant brain tumor was roughly eight times

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