Can you be just as strong being Vegan?

There are lots of websites out there that claim that it is easy for vegans to be strong and healthy. This is a lie.  It actually requires a bit of thought and planning.On my research it looks like it is possible to be pretty strong and health being vegan although it takes more thought. There have been a few bodybuilders in the past that have been vegan including Robie Hazely. Below is a video of successful vegan sports people

Most vegan body builders I’ve seen on my browse around the internet are not that big. It is a bit hard to compare though as I would expect most vegan bodybuilders wouldn’t take steroids as steroids contain meat products. This guy was the biggest on the video he’s called Andreas Cahling from Sweeden

My diet is almost vegetarian and I am concerned that I may be lacking enough protein and nutrition to keep me strong and healthy.

If you are vegetarian you are more at risk of deficiencies caused by a lack of fats and B12 and can find it hard to put on muscle (because its not a straight forward as just eating a ton of eggs and chicken) the 2 articles below are from vegan bodybuilders.

There is a really interesting blog about nutrition and veganism called Jack Norris
This video has nothing to do with vegan bodybuilding but it is to do with strength I saw it whilst researching this article. It is nuts its called “insane feats of strength”

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