Holiday in Wonderland (The Grampians)

I went away camping this weekend in the Grampians

On the way we hired a 4wd (we wanted more space than a Hyundi getz) and this was all they had. I have to say it is a really silly vehicle to hire. It uses loads of gas and is not that big inside is uncomfortable to drive and you loose your bond on the vehicle if it gets so much as scratched (so no off-roading). Why do people hire these?

It rained friday night and kept us both up all night. On Saturday we bought ear plugs which meant we slept well on Saturday.

Anyway we also hit a number of bird sized moths on the way. Below is a picture of the vehicle and a moth I prized from the bumper.

Grampains is awesome we went here first (Mckenzie falls or black fish falls)

and here (Wonderland)

and here (the grand canyon in Wonderland)

Got to Eurpoecar at 4:00 left at 4:30 went hope and packed. Left house at 6:30 arrived at campsite at 10:30.

put tent up in 15 mins

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