6 weeks since I planted the results so far

I should have noted the date when I planted my first stuff bt it was around begging of December so that means it has been approx 6 weeks since I planted. Whats happend?


  • Must note down what I plant where I plant it and when – (seedings can look pretty similar when they are small)
  • I didn’t wait long enough for some seedlings to grow before I repotted them – they died
  • None of the mint grew at all
  • None of the carrots grew at all
  • I almost killed an aloe vera cutting a freind gave me becuse I overwatered it
  • Don’t plant in pots of normal soil it doesn’t drain well enough (I ended using a mix of soil potting mix and much (a third each) it seems to work better.
  • My plants don’t iike the heat – my seedlings are all in the shade now.
  • My old compost heap wasn’t composting I worked out why it was getting to hot. I moved it so it was under lemon tree and measure a 10 degree difference between the two locations last week.
  • Green beans grow quickly!

Basil from seed
– > growing I have 5 plants that seem healthy – bt small

From Our Garden

Basil plant bought from Kmart
They are growing well I found that the basil I have planted in the beds have been attacked by slugs. I have moved one such plant to a hanging basket to reduce slug attack.

From Our Garden


THey are growing I have 3 chive seedlings

From Our Garden

Green Beans

I dug over bed D last week and added mulch to the soil and then covered with mulch (to prevent evaporation and keep the plants cool). I then planted beans. I did this because as I don’t have any compost yet I though it might be worth growing the beans to rejuvinate the soil ( I will dig the beans into the soil when they are grown).

From Our Garden

The back garden gets pretty hot (much hotter than the front – last week it was 40 degrees in the shade (this is about as hot as it gets in Melbourne). I think what is happening is that the brick floor that covers half the garden is heating up and eating the air. I need to fix this – not sure how though.

Soil contamination?
How could I go about checking this to make sure there is nothing nasty in my soil? Any Ideas?

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