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Biohacking is the process of using measurement to gain insight to optimize your health. A great diet and excersize regime can be completely ineffective if your not getting enough high quality sleep. Fortunately measuring sleep has just got a lot easier with the use of an iphone app that measures your sleep cycles while you sleep.

What are sleep cycles?

During the night people go through a number of cycles between light medium and deep sleep, each cycle lasts about 90 minutes. You can use this information to infer sleep quality and also optimize the best time for you to wake up. The optimal time to wake up is when you are in your light sleep part of your cycle.

Sleep Cycle

The sleep cycle app measures your sleep quality by measuring movement using the gyros in the phone and sound with the microphone. The software uses this information to measure your sleep cycles.

Sleep cycle

My Findings

I have been using the app for about 3 weeks and can say that alcohol has consistently given me the worst quality sleep wheras eating a small amount of fat and reading a book have booth correlated to my having a better nights sleep. Thursday is also consistently my best sleep of the week.

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