How to work out what's going on in Melbourne

Melbourne is a pain in the arse

Loads of things happen every day and its really hard to find out what’s going on. Most of the websites about what is going on in melbourne are pretty useless. I swear pople that organise events and agrigate information about melbourne events take a pervers please in making it really difficlut to work out whats going on where.


–Lets do something
–cool what?
–Lets have a look on the internet
–10 websites 3 badly organised brochures later
…lets just go onto Sydney road

I tell what I really like is when they have the comedy festival and they a great big blackboard at teh town hall with whats on today

Most sites don’t have much content (unless I want to watch something at the vodaphone arean that costs $60 or up forget it
The search facilties on nearly all of the sites are crap
The layout of most of the printed material on any festivals is normally badly organized
No sites have RSS feeds
Most of the band venues don’t have actual websites

SO FAR I HAVE TRIED (categorized useless and marginally helpful)


Melbourne City Life

A BIT Usefull
three thousand

The venues have really crap websites too. The Old bar is a myspace, The Brunswick Hotel is

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