Kolanta Update


So I have 10 hours in Kuala Lumpa airport so I thought I’d put some photos online. Above are various shots of Ko Lanta. Including the petrol for sale in rum bottles.

Shot in Hamock was in the Blanco Hostel in Koh Lanta and the shot of me on a laptop was at the Kohub – probably the nicest coworking space I have been too


I left Koh lanta and really enjoyed the relaxed vibe, the great sunsets and good coworking space. I’m now off to Krabi and then Melbourne.


Arm Wrestling

I’ve always thought of myself as quite good at arm wrestling I have had 4 notable arm wrestling competitions in my life.

In My Office VS Coworker

Its obviously very Importance to establish dominance and respect of your coworkers in a formal work setting. This I achieved in my first professional job through an arm wrestle. I won and everyone was very impressed.

At a Party vs a Physical Trainer

This represents my high point when it came to arm wrestling. I socked it to the meathead. Everyone was very impressed.

Mad Dog

By now I was feeling pretty cocky about my powers of arm wrestling by this point and this combined with a few pints of bitter meant I must have mentioned how great I was at arm wrestling. Which involved being set up with “Maddog”.
I was only too keen to take my arm wrestling up a level and humiliate this cocky guy and rename him to “fluffy”
Unfortunately he was actually really good. I guess you don’t get a nickname like “Mad dog for nothing”. I lost , badly.

Yesterday in a Thia cocktail bar Vs web dev

After 3 cocktail buckets. This was a long match I thought I was a dead cert. I thought this was the thing I needed to bring back some self respect after losing to Maddog.
Unfortunately after about 15 mins I lost. Extra humiliating because this guy was not a personal trainer, power lifter or called mad dog. Just some web developer.


This guy dodn’t even seem that big so I determined it must be technique. So I started looking into it and found this video


Tommorow I will be trying the techniques in the video. I then plan to find this guy and be victorious and avenge the loss. I’ll provide an update. When I beat this guy. 


I’m in Koh lanta

Special thanks to Duncan

Whilst I was in the UK having a beer with Duncan he mentioned he enjoyed my posts so after sprucing up this site I thought I should write one – so here it is.

On the way back from my trip to the UK I decided to stay in Thailand for a bit. I had 1 week in Bangkok (which I found rather hard to get around) and spent the last week in Koh Lanta. Koh lanta is a lovely place that is not that busy (not like Phuket) but very beautiful. Although I have seen a lot because I have spent most of my time working in this coworking space called Kohub

Kohub is my favourite coworking space they have a lovely outdoor area, a waterfall, pol table , fast internet and I can order meals online and the kitchen check my photo on my profile, find me and arrive at my desk with my meal.

They have yoga mats too but haven’t yet used them yet.


For my first touristy activity I went snorkelling on Sunday out in nearby Islands of Koh Haa, Koh Bida and Ko Rok – $50 well spent. below are some of things I saw. I saw a sea snake slithering along the bottom (below) – watched it for a while but decided not to play with it.

FUN FACT: snorkerled/snorkeling is American English; snorkelled/snorkelling is the spelling in British English.

Next Movements

I’ve been very productive since Koh Lantra – found being somewhere inspiring is good for my productivity. I have knocked over a lot of tasks that I did not enjoy this week. One of those jobs is overhauling this website which I like now.

Still figuring things out but what will help me get more time is keeping costs low whilst improving fitness and having fun at the same time. In this aim I have been looking into making my own breakfast. As I am trying to get in a routine that works and enables a low cost, nutritious low carb start to the day.

Cooking in a hotel

One problem I have is a lack of a kitchen. Saw this video which made me chuckle – very ingenious – not sure if I’ll be doing it though!

Man removes baby with a bag

How to open a can without an opener!

Imagine the cliche

Disaster strikes, people are starving but you have prepared. You have a room filled of canned food but your tin openers break.

Being prepared for life’s curve balls is way more compolicated than a cupboard of canned food but there could be a time in your life when you are hungry and have a can you want to open. All you need now to get your food from the can is a slab of concrete. Watch the video below its quite ingenious.

This video is from the self proclaimed “Crazy Russian Hacker”. On the same channel I also found another video which was truly amazing. Eight guys that made 16 coke bottle rockets and threw them in the air causing 10 seconds of rocket fueled mayhem. This was filmed with very, very high speed cameras in high definition. What was produced was a remarkable, beautiful, slow motion video that looks amazing on my home theater.

So what was I doing on youtube anyway?

Well I was investigating a news story about a guy who created an invention to assist with childbirth based on a youtube video. After watching it I then linked found the other videos above. The man invented the item in the picture below

Man removes baby with a bagThe video that inspired him is below

bamboo socks hardware

Fashion Modelling

New career as a fashion model?

I have just conducted my first modelling assignment wearing socks made out of bamboo!

Wake up transparent Small(2)The photo-shoot was undertaken few weeks ago on location at the Aylston Estate. My feet are the ones with the fluorescent yellow green socks.  I now have 2 pairs to trial. I’ll update you on how I get on.


I have now had the socks for about 12 months I wear them with my Blundstones whilst working at the estate. I’m actually a big fan. They wick away moisture really well and are lasting pretty well when I am digging holes and putting in plants.


Podcasts on android are not as good as IOS

I love podcasts.

I listen to around two hours of podcasts every day. Recently I bought an android phone. I have now swapped the SIM back and am using my iphone 3gs so I can listen to podcasts again.

There are many podcasting apps you can get for android but my experience with ( I tried them all) is that none is as good as iTunes. This is bourne out by the fact that currently 89% of podcasts are listened to on IOS followed by 9% on android and 2% on RIM.

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I hate facebook

Today I deleted my Facebook Account

I have always hated Facebook. I hate the way they change things without asking. I hate the non straightforeward way it works. I hate the way people now don’t value privacy and the contribution Facebook has made towards that attitude. In addition I hate the way they make you have a stupid “page” if your a business that is useless as a marketing tool.

I setup my facebook account some years ago to promote my band. Pretty soon after that I realized it was not a very good tool for that purpose and then focussed on building a mailing list. I also set it up to keep in contact with my family but to be honest I never go in as I prefer to talk to them. I haven’t used it for ages so I thought rather than leave it online so people can build up a database of images of me I decided to erase my account. By the way if you don’t think people are building up databases of images check out – creepy! Or this one brought to you by Reuters vuedle

I am now cleansed

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Us at the Aylston Estate

Mum and Dad visiting

Mum and Dad have been over from the UK the last couple of weeks at the country 20 acre residence. We have decided to fence in the house in to prevent kangaroos from eating all my plants. Dad helped me with my fence .(Mum has proofed this)

Mum “We are having an amazing time here….I am really appreciating the selected sightseeing to all the building merchants/ timber yards and DIY outlets….all very cultural!!”


Garden Update

Well my front gardens look rather lovely at the moment things are stepping. I have probably about 20 tomoato plants 20 beans and all manner of greens and flowers growing is rather nice. At our house in Melbourne we have an apple,plum,apricot,olive,peach and lemon tree. We have masses of lemons and recoently the plum and apricot trees and been producing fruit.

Meanwhile at the estate the 6 yabbie traps that I bought have come in useful and we dinned on yabbie for the first time the other week, I also have been very busy trying to make the area more green. (I’m not sure if its working) but I have dug a pretty long swale so its now “permaculture” ;-). I also have probably about 30-40 potato plants growing at the moment. See pics below