I am planting

I am getting green fingers!!
I am building a very small permaculture garden
Permaculture comes from “permanent agriculture” it is a type of gardening where you work to create an environment to allow a successfull ecosystem to develope and manage itself.
It  requires careful planning and a lot of work upfront but after a few years in will create a garden that will be very productive and require little effort to work.
I have made my first step…
I am growing tomatoes and basil. These two plants work very well together the basil deters a number of tomato pests and encourages a number of bugs that also deter tomato pests. Basil also is said to improve the flavour of tomato too.
As you can see my seedlings are very early days at the moment
see below
As you may expect I have been researching this topic I found a great podcast on Modern survivalism (that includes permacuture gardening) 
Also below is a film from a guy in a city that produces 60% of his food in his garden

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