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The infoshot application now is fully functional although I am now working on designing the embed part. The idea is that documents created in the application should be embeddable in different ways on different platforms.

One method of embedding is using an iframe, this is a appealing because it will allow interactivity and no setup is required by the user, just past the code and it should work. The problem with this method cannot be used on all platforms and some browsers block the contents depending on what it is doing.

To guide the development of this embed component for iframe I have setup the tests below;

iframe pointing to an html document

<iframe src="http://www.frisk.shop/htmlTest.html" title="infoshot" height="100px" width="600px"></iframe>

……Success (but not too usefull)

iframe is pointing to a basicreact application

<iframe src="https://infinite-refuge-86248.herokuapp.com/embed/5f75f3f82329ae4c0dc72157" title="infoshot" height="100px" width="600px"></iframe>

…..Does not render in chrome

iframe pointing to a very basic node.js view

<iframe src="http://mylovelyurlshortner.herokuapp.com/" title="infoshot" height="100px" width="600px"></iframe>

It works…… as I add complexity let’s see if it continues to work?

So I am now starting to add the complexity it still works and I have

  1. added a script to get the bootstrap cdn style

Iframe from node.js

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