Yearly review

Review and Renew 2009

Yearly review

I have been thinking about the garden what went well and what didn’t go quite so well and what I want to try in 2009.

Went well

  • Compost – composted all household compostibles
  • Lettuce (I had home grown lettuce most days)
  • Mint – great but has now passed its best lasted about 3 months
  • Rosmary – can’t fail with this
  • Dwarf broad beans – I harvested a few and killed them and left in soil (fixing nitrogeon)
  • Garlic (from sprouted cloves)
  • Basil – good but bolted quickly

Almost Worked

  • Peas, tomatoes – started well but got rot
  • Cabbage, broccoli – started well be savaged by snails cabbage moth & slugs.
  • Broad beans some looked promising but rotted or just died
  • Strawberries, grapes (produced but eaten by birds)
  • Chillis (from from chill seeds from kitchen) kept getting eaten when young
Failures (didn’t grow at all)
  • Soybeans (maybe the seeds were bad)
  • Grow from seeds they kept dying
Things I have learnt
  • How to use mulch
  • How to water

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