google maps offline

View Google maps offline on iphone

Google maps allows you to download maps on Android but not iphone

It is really annoying because in the outback you often do not have a 3g signal.

I tried 3 apps and only found one that was really any good


It seemed Pretty handy

although you need to jailbreak your iphone and I didn’tn’t want to do this.





I have now uploaded an app that allows me to download maps onto my iphone via an iphone app called offmaps (it uses open source map info). What I didn’t like about this app was that it did not allow you to download non-urban areas of australia so not usefull for my purposes



This is my app of choice. It allows me to download huge maps anywhere for free. If I want a serach function I have to pay $1 for the pro version. The maps are open source and not quite as nice as google maps but pretty good

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