Haiti Earthquake

Mar. 5, 2010 by

It is true that the US reaction to the Haiti earthquake has been strange and amounted to a military takeover. There have also been a number of earthquakes at strategically

Facts about Australia

Jan. 16, 2010 by

After my Mum and Dad visiting Australia I thought I should put to task a big misconception about Australia being a dry and large dessert. It is true there are large

The origin of the name New Zealand

Jan. 1, 2010 by

We are in New Zealand below is a map of where we are going on our trip (with markers indicating where we are staying) View New Zealand Trip Jan 2010

The dangers of Cellphones

Jan. 1, 2010 by

After the HAARP post I was doing some more digging into Dr Nick Beggich who introduced the movie about HAARP. I found that his father was a democratic senator who

Energy Efficient light globes are harmful

Jul. 18, 2009 by

I have long suspected that the claims made for energy efficient light globes is nonsense so armed with google I did a bit of research The claim for energy efficient

Isn’t democracy Brilliant

Dec. 2, 2008 by

Now I am an Australian citizen I was keen to take my responsibilities seriously. On Saturday I voted in the election for Moreland. (Brunswick) I was going though the leaflets by