Don't Stay in School

Don't Stay in School

The track “Don’t Stay in School” by Boyinaband went viral about 3 weeks ago.

Its worth a listen – even if you don’t like hip hop or androgynous looking men with long hair. He has nailed my feelings on this subject, It is now one of my favourite tunes.

After the deluge of interest in the the track the artist has said in a later video that he has big plans to continue taking this issue foreword. On the video below he is explaining how one school is making changes after the song being viewed by most of the students and staff.

Good work Boyinaband!




Taking back government

Governments are out of control

With the bail outs and quantitative easing governments are successfully keeping up the illusion of prosperity at the cost of impoverishing future generations. This will effect all of us in one way or another (that includes Australia).  I have written on this at length in a previous article entitle unfolding economic shift. Whilst spending vast amounts of money many governments are also eroding personal liberties, conducting illegal activities, vote rigging and working in increasing secrecy whilst intruding more and more  onto our own privacy.

The recent evidence brought out by Edward Snowden highlighting the widespread government secret surveillance to people around the world shows how this is becoming routine in some countries. Privacy International recently published the a study that showed how endemic this is becoming (see below).

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Fluoridation is unproven at reducing cavities

Fluoridation does not work

Fluoridation is a controversial issue.

I have recently watched a video of Dr John Colquhoun from New Zealand who was a leading fluoridation promoter who changed his mind through examining the results of the test that he was asked to conduct on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

This video shows significant evidence that shows that  fluoridation made no difference to numbers of cavities. He also shows detrimental health effects caused by fluoridation.

There are many dental and medical professionals with years of experience that support fluoridation this was something that Dr Colquhoun was upset and confused about John made the comment on this later in this video

The professional education they receive conditions them to accept their authorities rather than make independent judgement themselves. They are taught that this the accepted orthodoxy. This is what our experts say is the case and its a state of mind which shows a defect in the nature of our professional education.

All roads lead to education. I have written at length about this on the usethetrivium site

Evil Edna

Documentaries on TV dumb you down

I believe the biggest threat to our world is not global warming, war, or poverty, it is an absence of critical thought.

To solve any problem it first requires the skills of critical thought. These are skills that most people do not use and when do try to apply critical thinking it is often faulty.

I have witten more about the problems people have with critical thinking here . Television, after public schooling, is a significant cause of this reduction in our abilities to think critically. The North Korean propaganda video below shows how corrupt and stupid western society is. They didn’t have to try very hard as its all there….on television.

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fluoride in the water

Fluoride in the water

Does fluoride in the water reduce cavities?

Is fluoride dangerous?

I was listening to an interview with Dr Russell Blayblock and it got me thinking about flouride in the water. Is it a useful additive? Or is it bad for me? I’d heard allegations about some of the alleged problems with fluoride before but did not know whether to believe them. The allegations about potential health issues in the interview were significant so for this reason I decided it was time to do some significant research and and get to the bottom of this. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to lay this matter to rest, below is a summary of what I found out. Continue Reading



What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a new currency making a huge impact. BitCoins are an electronic currency that has no bank and allows anonymous ,low cost transactions.

I was listening to  two beers with steve where he interviewed Brian Newgen (a bit coins expert) from Dublin Ireland. What makes Bitcoins different to other currencies is

  • They are are a finite amount in circulation and rules that limit thier distribution (so no systemic inflation),
  • There are no central banks therefore very low transaction costs
  • All transactions are 100% anonymous

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