Financial Collapse?

I have been of the opinion for about 3 years that the troubles with the financial economy are terminal and none of the bailout nonsense is going to do anything apart from make it worse. I expect people in the UK and US to see there savings and investments being wiped out (after devaluation and collapse of the euro). Currently Australia is looking pretty good compared to elswhere however if (when) the banks fail I would expect that to cause either a bailout (therefore currency devaluation) or bank faliure here too.

A friend of mine from my finance club sent me the video below – its dynamite. When the BBC interviewed this bond trader they got what they didn’t expect!

Also on the subject of the ecionomy theres a new video by juice media out

If you want to know more about things finanical then you can find alot of stuff on The real Truth about money

Shadow stats is also a great place to dig into economic data if your interested

The crash course video course is also an excellent film that explains the basics of all things economic

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