Don't Stay in School

Mar. 21, 2015 by

The track “Don’t Stay in School” by Boyinaband went viral about 3 weeks ago. Its worth a listen – even if you don’t like hip hop or androgynous looking men

data privacy day

Data Privacy Day

Feb. 13, 2015 by

Did you know some phone apps request permission to disable airplane mode automatically? This and many other highly intrusive activities of phone apps were highlighted in a recent video put


Apr. 8, 2014 by

Mickey mouse used to be Smart The film Mathamagicland from 1959 stars Mickey mouse and is very insightful about the relationship, context and history of mathematics, explaining how maths has

Permaculture Update from Aylston

Mar. 31, 2014 by

March 2014 Update Its been all go at the house recently. In September 2013 I planted up the entertainment area in front of the house. Recently I completed a new

New garden beds above the house

Mar. 18, 2014 by

I have been doing alot at the Estate recently and I thought readers might appreciate an update Below is a view of the property – 20 acres in country Victoria

Taking back government

Mar. 2, 2014 by

Governments are out of control With the bail outs and quantitative easing governments are successfully keeping up the illusion of prosperity at the cost of impoverishing future generations. This will

Man removes baby with a bag

How to open a can without an opener!

Feb. 15, 2014 by

Imagine the cliche Disaster strikes, people are starving but you have prepared. You have a room filled of canned food but your tin openers break. Being prepared for life’s curve

Money Creation – Do banks create money out of thin air?

Jan. 30, 2014 by

When a bank “loans” money to buy a house the bank uses your promise to pay them as backing to create new money.   ……This means that although this arrangement

How to buy Bitcoins

Oct. 13, 2013 by

Last month I  wrote a post about what Bitcoin is and how it works and why it is important. I explained how the coins are mined and how nowadays mining

Tunnelbear & Why Libertarianism is so Dangerous

Tunnelbear & Why Libertarianism is so Dangerous

Jun. 16, 2013 by

Tunnelbear is free it allows you to view the web as if you reside in a different country. There was a video on youtube that was blocked and only available