Fluoridation is unproven at reducing cavities

Fluoridation does not work

Fluoridation is a controversial issue.

I have recently watched a video of Dr John Colquhoun from New Zealand who was a leading fluoridation promoter who changed his mind through examining the results of the test that he was asked to conduct on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

This video shows significant evidence that shows that  fluoridation made no difference to numbers of cavities. He also shows detrimental health effects caused by fluoridation.

There are many dental and medical professionals with years of experience that support fluoridation this was something that Dr Colquhoun was upset and confused about John made the comment on this later in this video

The professional education they receive conditions them to accept their authorities rather than make independent judgement themselves. They are taught that this the accepted orthodoxy. This is what our experts say is the case and its a state of mind which shows a defect in the nature of our professional education.

All roads lead to education. I have written at length about this on the usethetrivium site

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