Graphic Design on a Shoestring

The image above I had made up forĀ $150 using

The way it works is that you setup a prize action and people submit designs you then choose the one you like. If you don’t get any you like you don’t pay. Below is how I briefed in my design and the ad I put up. I receivedĀ 2 designs , the one I choose went through 1 iteration.

The project is a Rock Show based upon the movie I imagined- details can be found on

Below is my brief

A poster is required for the action movie “Caroline Towers”

3 Main Characters – Richard Steel (hero), Leader of the resistance, Architect


  • Huge building
  • Lower floors = lower class
  • Lower floors being filled in and occupants murdered so the tower can continue to grow.(The big secret)

Poster Style
below are some I like

More Details

I was absolutely stoked with the results , especially when you look at the awful drawing I did above for guidance! I would recommend the site for anyone after artwork. Anyone else had any experience with 99 designs. As ever any comments are most welcome

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