Don't Stay in School

Don't Stay in School

The track “Don’t Stay in School” by Boyinaband went viral about 3 weeks ago.

Its worth a listen – even if you don’t like hip hop or androgynous looking men with long hair. He has nailed my feelings on this subject, It is now one of my favourite tunes.

After the deluge of interest in the the track the artist has said in a later video that he has big plans to continue taking this issue foreword. On the video below he is explaining how one school is making changes after the song being viewed by most of the students and staff.

Good work Boyinaband!




Graphic Design on a Shoestring

The image above I had made up for $150 using

The way it works is that you setup a prize action and people submit designs you then choose the one you like. If you don’t get any you like you don’t pay. Below is how I briefed in my design and the ad I put up. I received 2 designs , the one I choose went through 1 iteration.

The project is a Rock Show based upon the movie I imagined- details can be found on

Below is my brief

A poster is required for the action movie “Caroline Towers”

3 Main Characters – Richard Steel (hero), Leader of the resistance, Architect


  • Huge building
  • Lower floors = lower class
  • Lower floors being filled in and occupants murdered so the tower can continue to grow.(The big secret)

Poster Style
below are some I like

More Details

I was absolutely stoked with the results , especially when you look at the awful drawing I did above for guidance! I would recommend the site for anyone after artwork. Anyone else had any experience with 99 designs. As ever any comments are most welcome


Buying all major stuff online

We are getting screwed by retailers in Australia. Australia is a country full of duopolies and monopolies. I was recently sent this video which discusses our two largest retailers.

Due to the high cost of the AU dollar and the reasons above nowadays there are a large number of items that if you don’t buy them online your are being irresponsible with your money.  I have been able to save 50% on the shop price on these two items.

Item 1

ENGL Valve Amp (nice!)  60%  $1300   saving including shipping from Germany

bought from Thomman

Item 2
Protien Powder 50% $100 saving

bought from


RIP Myspace

As readers to this blog may know I am in a band called Jimmy Yukka & His Amazing Band. As part of being in an active band anytime from 2003 you were obliged to get your band on myspace.

In that band I wrote a song about it (below).

I wrote that song a couple of years ago. Myspace now has an all new look that format.  Maybe the new format is quicker to load and has some really neat features and maybe it doesn’t crash all the time.

I’m never gonna know though because I won’t be trying the new myspace. Die myspace


Guitar Lessons by Skype

To keep my music fresh I have been wanting to improve my guitar technique with some guitar lessons. My last guitar teacher moved further away which meant I found it too difficult to get to his new location. For this reason I started my search looking for lessons very close to my home or work . I couldn’t find any teachers that were really close that would have been suitable and it lead me to an innovative solution to my problem.

Lessons by Skype

I have found a new teacher from Sydney called EMZ who gives lessons worldwide Via Skype.

I have to admit I had my doubts about how effective using a webcam would be. The teacher did offer a free trial first and once I took up the trial it worked pretty well. I have now had 3 lessons and my teacher is great (I am currently learning “Play Misty for Me” theme to the film “Play Misty for Me” – I think I’m gonna have to hire it)

It is so convenient just skype him at the allotted time and pay him by payPal.

I think skype is going to revolutionize guitar lessons watch this space.

My teachers website is
Below is a video of him


iphone synths and sampler tunes

I have been dying for a decent sampler on the iphone (I tried beatmapper) but all of the apps have disappointed until now. This thing is just sooo good!

It is called nanostudio it costs money but it really is breathtaking

This is the muts nuts. I can create tracks on the way to work! I  have created a bunch of tunes my favourite a couple are below. The interface is so slick.

Virgin Outbound (recorded whilst waiting for a flight to sydney)

Theres something going on outside recorded using the iphone mic for vocal samples. It is track 3 on my new concept albumn.


Podcasting With an iPhone on the Move in 10 Steps

I just published the latest podcast for my band Jimmy Yukka & His Amazing Band. I thought writing a post about how I did it might be useful. For this episode I decided to try to record a podcast whilst walking around a park. Obviously by doing this you do sacrifice sound quality but if this means I can more easily complete regular podcasts then for me its a sacrifice worth taking.
So heres how I did it.

Step 1 – What You Need


  • iPhone
  • iPhone headset (earphones / mic)
  • 1 headphone foam (from a larger headset headphone)
  • 1 paperclip
  • Some cool sunglasses
  • A little spiral bound notepad


  • Garageband

Putting on WordPress

  • WordPress
  • Podpress plugin

Step 2 – Protect Against Wind

using an iphone to record an podcast

Silly Mic

After testing walking around the park and recording I realised that although the mic in the iphone headset is pretty good but it does get affected by wind noise in addition when it moves and hits something it made an annoying noise. So the first thing I did was cover the cable mic with a headphone foam and attatched it with a paperclip to the cable. I then wrapped the cable around my sunglasses arm to stop it from banging about. Although it looks quite ridiculous it worked fairly well.

Step 3 – Record Using Some Software

The standard voice recording software on the iphone is a bit annoying. I downloaded italk recorder with italk syncthese are both free and I quite like them. With this software you can change the recording quality and pause the recording. There is a good review of it italk here.

Step 4 – Preparing Podcast notes

I had sketched out what I was going to talk on a paper about the size of a post it pad and then left the house.

Step 5 – Recording a podcast outside

I picked up my iPhone and walked to the park and started to record. I realized that I had to walk reasonably slowly otherwise I would be heavy breathing too much. I also have to slow down by speaking a bit. I recorded the show about 8 times and ended up using the last recording.

Step 6 – Mixing a podcast in Garageband

Some people don’t even do this step. I will have to do a lot more podcasts before I can miss this out. I used to think I was pretty articulate but when I listen to a recording of myself I realised what a  blundering dither I am when I speak. So I think I recorded about 25 mins and edited out 10 mins of waffle and errrrrrr and eummmm and ahhhhhh and sneezes and coughs etc. I edited the podcast in Garageband.

  • Go to the “control” menu and turn off auto ducking as your podcast will sound horrible with it on.
  • I also use the high pass filter to reduce hiss (to find this hit show track info and then do to track details and it is      one of the effects. Then go to manual edit and experiment with what effect the filter has on a the speech. You          want just enough to take out the nasty noise but not too much as it will make your voice sound nasty.)

Step 7 – Review Podcast and Re-edit

Once I finished editing I then  move my recording to itunes so I can review it on my iphone. To do this go to the menu in garageband called “share” and then “send podcast to itunes”. I then synch my iphone and review the podcast making notes if theres anything that needs to change. If it needs re-editing I then re-edited the podcast and repeat.

Step 8 – Output for iTunes

Once I was happy with the recording I then move my recording back to iTunes. Once the recording is in iTunes right, click on the recording in iTunes and select “get info” to setup the information about the podcast episode.

  • Go to options a check “remember playback position” failing to do this will mean listeners have to go back to the start each time
  • You should setup the artwork for the podcast episode here too.

Step 9 – Post using Podpress

In order to do this you will need add the plugin podpress and  setup your podcast. This page here has a good overview on how to setup podpress for your podcast and use it for posting podcasts.

Step 10 – Create a post in WordPress and add the podcast

Podpress (see above) will have installed an extra section in the “add new post” screen that allows you to add your podcast file to the new post (which will be the show notes.)

Final Result

To listen to the final result the podcast “Episode 4” can be listened to or subscribed to from my bands website Earlier podcasts were recorded with myself and Mick using my macbook pro with the integrated mic and recording straight to Garageband.

Get More Advice

  • When embarking on this activity I called The podcasting advisor and he responded to my question and featured mobile podcast recording on his show. So if you want to know more,  listen to the show on:

Podcast Advisor

If anyone reviews this and has any better ideas then please comment below.


Never Gonna Give you up by Rick Asterly

Bill Drummond of the 90’s band the KLF who wrote the masterly book “How to have a number 1 hit single the easy way” download here . In it he stated  that Rick Asterlys song “Never gonna give you up by Rick Asterly” is probably the best pop song ever written.

Rick Asterlys wikipeadia page is here

So what would Rick do?

In the event that you cannot remember this song or have never heard it I have included a video for you education.

I also thought you may find this amusing